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Friday, 29-May-2020, 11:23 AM

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Clan Charter



Membership Guidelines and Bylaws:




It is expected that every one of our members stay active in our forums. It only takes a few minutes to check the updates and comment if necessary. If your not reading the forums then your not informed about clan updates.


It is a requirement that all our members have and use Vent. You should be on Vent when in clan wars and while public playing.


You will be teamviewed before you enter these clans. You must also consent to random teamviews that could happen as much as, but not limited to, once a month.


As a clan member of one of these clans you are expected to remain active in game, in vent and on our forums. If your not seen for a week or two you will be sent a warning email that your activity is in question. If no reply is received then you will be removed from the clan.


Under no circumstances is a member to go into a clan war without a leader, admin or senior member present. Our admins / seniors have and use a database and a blacklist which only they have access to. While in a clan war it is required that every member playing in the war be signed on to our voice server. The only person that should speak to the other clan is the leader, admin, or senior member running the room. It is important that there is no name calling and we remain professional at all times. If we go into a war and the other team is hacking then it is the responsibility of every member in that war to collect evidence to forward to Nexon. The clan will also be reported to Community Ban List. Small idle chat with the other team is permitted but flooding of the chat server is not.


It is important that as a clan member you act mature at all times. Cursing on our vent is not permitted. Act resposible as we have members that are young and shouldn't have to listen to that sort of language. A bad word here and there will slip in but control the foul language. Joking around is fine in the "Out of Game" room unless it is disturbing the other members. Have respect for the other members. During clan war the vent should only be used for clan war issues and not idle chat. Treat others as you want to be treated!


If you have an alt account in another clan then don't apply here. Dual clanning is not permitted and if any member is found to be dual clanning the member will be removed.


It is understood that any violation of Nexon's End User Licence Agreement is also grounds for removal from our clans. This includes, but not limited to, the buying or selling of accounts.

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No Hacks!

Troop Supporters
We are proud to have adopted soldiers.


All donations made to these clans goes towards our Vent, clan color change and any other misc. clan charges.

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