11:03 AM
Wow this old site is still up XD literally the new site i can not find! if anyone comes here for any reason add me on facebook! Ryan Kellum! wanna catch up with you guys!
10:18 AM
This one of our old sites! Please visit ManagedClans.com
9:31 PM
Srry To Waste Ur Time I Change My mind
9:23 PM
meh in game name Characters Name is SWAG-Supreme i Hope u Accept Me.../
9:21 PM
Hi umm i registered Thats Wat u Said on ur Clan Notice Wat Do i Do Now?
10:29 AM
4:29 PM
7:35 PM
Wazzaaaaaaaaaaa aap
7:37 PM
Notice to all recruits applying here. This is the wrong site, go to www.managedclans.com and apply there.
11:20 AM
((Rattles chain))
2:28 PM
Hellloooooo....... Hm. Thought I heard something in this old attic.

Maybe its haunted.

4:53 AM
They would just trash the place with all their parties. Rent it to a nice old cou
12:40 PM
Looks like I can't leave this place empty. Maybe I'll rent it out to a few collage students to live.
4:16 PM
Happy birthday old site! surprised
7:07 AM
oh geez.... ((runs out back door))
1:10 PM
Who went in the toilet and didn't flush?
2:21 AM
Kniteryder, my site now. I've been squatting here longer. so it's my party. You're invited of ourse. But you'll have to bring the tacos.
4:46 PM
*peeks around* sweet, a whole site to myself...time to get a party started cool
11:39 AM
batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman batman
2:03 PM
yes, yes you do
10:22 PM
do I have to re-register on the new site?
2:25 PM
Hey guys; Re-applied for AngerManagement after my hiatus; hope to play some more with you guys soon.
8:51 AM
main site is down sad
7:23 PM
biggrin hooyah!
10:25 AM
in b4 site shutdown
2:59 PM
We're done with this site! Whoever is last in here please turn out the lights!
10:41 AM
NVM it just let me log in!!!
10:38 AM
Hey Smoke, I can't log into CLEAN it says I don't have an account.????
8:56 PM
trying to, but I havent gotten a confirmation email yet.
0:35 AM
everyone transfer to managedclans.com
10:12 AM
You should be good to go Materix...
8:45 AM
can someone update my profile so i have access to forum
8:18 AM
Dunno if clearing the cache would do the same thing
8:18 AM
Yeah I had that issue last night...I ended up having to go to the page directly (with FF, right click on the database page -> This Frame -> Show This Frame Only), and then reload the page. It should show correctly. Once it does, go back to the database page on the website and it should show
11:19 PM
I cant get into the database....I activated permissions but still cant get in..
7:53 AM
Haha nah, 今日は (konnichi wa) means "good afternoon" =P though literally it could mean this day =P
10:48 PM
Today is the day?
10:22 AM
3:12 PM
only admins of the clan are able to view the blacklist.
2:46 PM
How do u gain access to see the blacklist?
3:34 PM
ya last night went pretty good except for tht fly hacker >:[ but hey outcast no scoped him in mid air-TWICE lol : P
9:53 PM
Yea i just got back home right now, ill be on all day pretty much tomorrow for some quick run throughs before the game.
9:03 PM
Just about off for the night; we practiced a little bit of Bravo side, did our usual defense/mid-field/offense positions and did pretty well. I'm confident we'll own tomorrow, but I'll try to get on early for a quick run-through before gametime cool
8:24 PM
I already said last night i wouldnt be makin it tonight. Got other stuff goin on. Ill prolly be on late for a bit, but maybe not even then.
8:07 PM
Yeah ditto what audi said. I might be able to make it at 10-10.30 est but not in time for wogl. And my anti cheat client still isn't working so its not like I could have played anyway. =.=
7:57 PM
its kool audi right now i think its only me and knite! hopefully some more ppl get on
7:35 PM
Hey folks,

Won't be able to make WOGL practice. I got some RL things needed to be dealt with. See you boys tomorrow.

8:27 PM
Once I get access to the desktop computer I'll join you guys cool (since my gaming keyboard/mouse are currently hooked to the back of it, too much hassle, and I'm too lazy, to move it to the laptop)
8:24 PM
holding a ctf cold seed Alpha 4 54 pw mp5 goin go over stuff and maybe pub
8:10 PM
ya why not practice 2 nights take adv of the match be moved?