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We have our pages rank restricted. That means that visitors can only view certain pages. We even have admin only pages that our general membership can not see.

If your registration is having issues then just email smokingunzz with your problem.

Smokingunzz was born on cool isle. There he was formally trained by Chuck Norris in the ways of total coolness. He then moved to Coolville USA where he took a job as mayor. He enacted such laws as: No shirt no shoes who cares. He had all Maple Story players banned from town and created the first ever Mountain Dew Fountain in town square. Soon after realizing his coolness he decided it was time to form a Combat Arms clan. He knew that the clan had to be cool or he wouldn't do it. He formed AngerCoolnessManagement which he later changed to AngerManagement. Soon to follow was Imtoocooltogetstressed clan which he later changed to StressManagement. He is now running two of the coolest clans in Combat Arms which he named Managing your coolness clans. He later had to change that to Managed Clans.

When your application is submitted, you will have to accept a teamview from our Teamview Experts.  When connected to the Vent, click on the Comment button, and in the top box, type in "teamview needed", and one of the staff will contact you as soon as possible.

After the teamview, if you are clean, your Tryout period will begin, where the Managed Clans members will play tryout games with you and get to know your playing and communication style.  During this period we will learn how well you fit in with the clan.

If you are NOT clean, you will be immediately banned from the Vent and denied from the clan.  Evidence will also be collected for reports as well.  Also, you may be rejected from the clan if we do not like how you communicate (i.e. too immature, massive foul language, etc.).

Obviously, before you clan war, you need to have at least 4 members of your respective clan online and active.  The MAIN rules that apply are:

1. A Staff member must be in the clan war room at ALL times!
This is the most important.  If anyone is to be found clan warring without a staff member, serious disciplinary action will be taken!

2. Only the Staff can make comments to the other clan in a clan war.
It is okay for the members to talk to the clan by saying "nice shot" or "good game" or the like, but NO MEMBER EXCEPT FOR THE STAFF can point their fingers, ask for teamviews, or anything of the like.  The Staff must take care of all business with the other clan.  NO NAME CALLING OR CURSING OR GENERAL IMMATURITY IN THE INGAME CHAT ALLOWED!

Also, we prefer that the staff ask the members for a clan war and not the other way around.

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